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PHILADELPHIA- Following the hilarious week of improv that is the Philadelphia Improv Festival, the fourth annual Philly Sketchfest is set to take center stage for Philadelphia Comedy Month. From October 10-15, the Philly Sketchfest takes over the Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre, 2111 Sansom Street, 2nd Floor. This festival features sketch performers from the East Coast, the Midwest, Los Angeles, and the stars of Philadelphia’s extra talented sketch comedy scene. Comedy Month runs through October 23. The month will finish with City Spotlight, a week of stand-up, improv, and the CIF National College Improv Tournament, Liberty Bell Regional. Tickets cost $10, passes for the whole week are $45, and Comedy Month passes cost $125. More information can be found at &

This year, Philly Sketchfest highlights the wealth of talent in the local sketch comedy scene. It will begin with an evening of solo sketch comedy featuring the return of local favorite Meg Favreau who now lives in LA. Other local groups set to take the stage include Animosity Pierre, Camp Woods, Hate Speech Committee, Secret Pants, Feeko Bros, and more. The festival is also presenting Don Montrey’s Dirtiest Sketch in Philadelphia contest where several sketch groups will compete for audience votes by pushing limits to the max with the dirtiest, raunchiest, foulest sketches audiences will ever see.

The out of town acts are led by the return of New Yorker Angel Yau, ImprovBoston’s Sawyer &Hurley, the award winning modern vaudeville of The Chris and Paul Show from New York, and festival headliners Last Call Cleveland, stars of many viral web hits, including “One Semester of Spanish, Spanish Love Song”.

Philly Sketchfest Schedule

Monday 10/10, 8 p.m.

Thunderstood (Greensboro)

Rob Asaro (New York)

Meg Favreau (Los Angeles)

Tuesday 10/11, 8 p.m.


(Feeko Bros., Thunderstood, Angel Yau & More)

Wednesday 10/12, 8 p.m.

Angel Yau (New York)

Hate Speech Committee (Philadelphia)

Secret Pants (Philadelphia)

Thursday 10/13, 8 p.m.

MacCloskey & Myers (Philadelphia)

Inside Joke Films (New York)

Feeko Bros. (Philadelphia)

Friday 10/14 8PM

The Nevergreens (Baltimore)

Animosity Pierre (Philadelphia)

Friday 10/14 10PM

The Disappointments (New York)

Camp Woods (Philadelphia)

Pink Axe (New York)

Saturday 10/15 8PM

The Dowry (Boston)

The Dependable Felons (Brooklyn)

Sawyer & Hurley (Boston)

Saturday 10/15 10PM

Oh Theodora (Chicago)

The Chris & Paul Show (New York)

Last Call Cleveland (Cleveland)




Matt Lally- Matt is a founding member of ANIMOSITY PIERRE, Matt is responsible for creating most of the group's signs and handmade props. He is also the director and editor of the group's video skits and short films, and draws all the pictures for their "animations". ANIMOSITY PIERRE's shorts earned them the third place prize in the 2007 Project Breakout Comedy Competition. Their pilot for their animated series The Inventionors was a finalist in the 2007 XBox Live Originals Contest , and was screened at the New York Television Festival.

Ben Maher: A comedy veteran of almost twenty years, Ben has managed COBB's Comedy Club in San Francisco, and HELIUM Comedy Club in Philadelphia. He now has his own talent management company, SUNSET ENTERTAINMENT, and his clients include Roger Weaver and  PSF performers ANIMOSITY PIERRE & BING SUPERNOVA. He is supported in PHILLY SKETCHFEST and life in general by his beautiful wife Julie, awesome son David and amazing daughter Eliza.

Dave Terruso: A founding member of ANIMOSITY PIERRE, Dave pens most of the group's skits and plays Pierre himself onstage. In addition to his work with Pierre, Dave is also a novelist and screenwriter who was a finalist in the 2006 Set In Philadelphia Screenplay Contest. He is currently working on a novel called Cube Sleuth.

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